The nuts and bolts of pricing equipment

Nuts and bolts of pricing equipment

Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of pricing equipment

The dumbbell hex weights, as appose to the disc weights.

With the Hex weights, you can’t add more weight to them. They are fixed, thus you will need many sets of varied weight increments and they will take up a lot of space and cost you more.

The plate weights are so much cheaper and it’s easy to add more plates onto your dumbbell or barbell to get to your desired weight. They each range from 1kg to 60kg, so you can use them more efficiently

The Olympic weights are popular with the serious exerciser. If you have a standard barbell of 25mm, one could add a collar/sleeve to make them accommodate the larger holes of 50mm of the Olympic weights. It’s a brilliant idea and it’s so cost-effective. You should be able to get these at gym stores. If you can, let me know and I will suggest some stores. This way you can have the best of both worlds and it works out cheaper.

One could have an insane full-body workout, just with dumbbells and barbells and an adjustable bench. Few people have these multi-gyms, as we see advertised today. They are very expensive, take up space, ruin your floors and one would need more than one, in order to target all muscle groups. The home multi-gyms quality is not the same as their robust commercial gym.

The kettlebell weight has taken off. They provide intense cardio and strength train. Unfortunately, here again, one must have many of them, and due to their odd shape, they don’t fit too neatly anywhere.

However, you don’t need kettlebells . What is available and it’s a brilliant idea, is a “handle”, the same shape as the kettlebell, that you wrap around your dumbbell handle, giving you exactly the same effect as a kettlebell. You should be able to get these at a home gym store. If you can’t, let me know and I will suggest some stores.

For Cardio, both treadmills and spinning/exercise bikes are expensive and take up space. There is also load shedding, power is needed for most of these machines. One can use an inexpensive bicycle and load it onto an indoor personal trainer.

How nice will it be to go for a jog or a spin on a bicycle, in-between sets, or swim in your own swimming pool?