Reasons to have a Home Gym

Home gym

Reasons to Have a Home Gym


Whether you are starting out or training for a sports event, or just to stay fit, a home gym can save you a lot of money and time.

I don’t like the word gym, it’s ambiguous! I imagine hardcore muscle men and women, racking up those heavy weights, sweating, red-faced with veins puffing up all over their bodies.

There is, however, a need to go to a “traditional gym”, especially if you are a hardcore trainer/ athlete.

As the price for that heavy-duty equipment is very expensive, especially if you want to work on all the muscle groups, there is also a space issue, as to where one can put the equipment at home.

I would encourage those athletes to continue going to a gym, so that they can work with the heavier weights at the gym and have lighter weights at home, for a lighter workout.

Between Covid and Load Shedding one must make hard decisions to change one’s lifestyle for a more suitable one, under the circumstances.