Portable Golf Practice Mat

Portable Golf Practice Mat

Product Description

Dual-Sided Driving Range Portable Golf Practice Mat is ideal to help lower your Handicap!

No more divots and damage to your lawn with this golf practice mat. It’s easy to set up and even easier to use.

At a compact 60cm by 30cm, this golf mat combines super realistic fairway and semi-rough textures with practicality and ease of use. Practice your driving, iron, and chipping play from your back garden and improve your handicap from home.

Part of the FORB golf mat range, this 2-in-1 Launch Pad will ignite your short and long game to new levels. Long-lasting, weatherproof and completely portable, this golf equipment will soon become an integral part of your practice regime all year round, whatever the conditions.

For those frosty mornings when the ground isn’t at its best, throw down this dual-sided, winter golf mat. It’s lightweight so you can carry it with you around the course, and suitable for rounds of all-weather golf.


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