Nylon Car Safety Dog Leash

Nylon Car Safety Dog Leash

Product Description

Do your fur babies jump around in the car whilst you are driving from the front to the back seat perhaps, or either on your lap?

Do they leap out of the car and run for the hills when you open the doors?

You know how dangerous this can be.

The solution for all of this can be instantly fixed, with the Lock ’em Up Car safety dog leads.

The leads are for all sizes of dogs and will work in every vehicle. They are fully adjustable and there is no need to use the car safety belt mechanism.

These leads are a must-have for every vehicle for your and your fur babies’ safety.


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Nylon Car Safety Dog Leash
Nylon Car Safety Dog Leash Clips
Leather Car Safety Dog Leash Branding

Nylon Car Safety Dog Leashes Features

No Seat belt lock required:


  • Fully adjustable to the required size.
  • Stop them from moving around and jumping onto your lap while driving.
  • Stop them from jumping out of the car or window for whatever reason.
  • Heavy-duty clips at either end. Please note: the clips may vary on either end, but this will not affect the performance.
  • They may be used in both the front seat and the back.
  • The new design has never been used before.
  • It is suitable for most cars.
  • Suitable for hand washing. Take care of the leather ones, you may want to apply leather nourishing cream on them to prevent them from cracking.
  • They come in Leather or nylon and only in black.
  • You can have as many dogs as possible in the car with multiple leads.
  • The nylon one adjusts with a slider mechanism and the leather one with a buckle. Typically, the leather ones are for larger dogs and the nylon ones for smaller dogs, but they will work equally as well either way.
  • It’s preferable to use the bar for the seat skeleton instead of the bar that moves the seat front and back. Either way, it will work.
  • If you don’t want the leads to remain on the seat, simply just push them underneath the seat, to be used later.

How to use it:

With a hammock

If you have a hammock in the rear seats, some brands have slits in them to feed the leads through. Or one can simply neatly just cut an opening you want the leashes to go through.



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