FORB Dual-speed Putting Mat

FORB Dual-speed Putting Mat

Product Description

The 240cm FORB Dual-speed Putting Mat has an anti-slip rubber base and varied putting surfaces. Featuring an innovative auto-return system to maximise your practice, the base also incorporates useful storage for three golf balls and one golf club.

Innovatively designed with a varied putting surface, our FORB Dual-Speed Putting Mat is ideal for perfecting your putting stroke at home. For use anywhere in the home, this golf mat features a non-slip rubber base, providing complete stability for every putt – suitable on all flat surfaces. With the turf composition including both smooth & textured artificial grass, the dual-speed golf mat replicates putting on both fast & slow greens readying you to tackle a variety of golf courses. An auto-return system saves you from collecting the ball as, after each accurate putt, the ball is helpfully sent back ready for your next shot. The consistent trajectory of this putting mat makes it the ultimate way to achieve a consistent swing.

PLEASE NOTE: Golf balls and golf clubs are NOT included.


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