Accu Strike Mat with Launch Pad

Accu Strike Mat with Launch Pad

Product Description

Perfect your golf swing with the Accu Strike Mat with Launch Pad! Experience instant feedback on swing path and ball contact, enhancing your skills. High-quality training mat for serious golfers.

The hardwearing material is designed to withstand the impact of continuous club strikes without causing any damage to your golf clubs or the mat itself. Additionally, the surface layer fabric shows golfers their swing path and point of contact with the ball on the mat as they strike down on it. This instant feedback allows golfers to source and fix their problem areas. Also featuring 12mm (0.5”) thick artificial grass, the launch pads included allow golfers to practice their shots off a mat, replicating a fairway. Featuring an alignment visual guide, the mat is designed to improve swing consistency and chipping skill levels.

A video of an older version. Just for visual sake:


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