Home Gym basics

Home gym basics

Home Gym basics

Don’t get despondent if you can’t afford to have the basics and space to have a home gym. You will need much less than you think.

One could have an insane full-body workout, with some cardio, just with some dumbbells and barbells, skipping rope, step up, foam mat and an adjustable bench.

Bodybuilders in former years knew that the basics were the key to getting big, without the use of the fancy multi-gyms and cardio equipment.

The percentage of bodybuilders and powerlifters is in minority, compared to the average gym/athlete or fitness person, using light to medium weights.

So many more people are taking to the use of a personal gym for various reasons.

The amount of home gyms is rising ever so more, not only for bodybuilders but for athletes, fitness seekers, health seekers and people with either mental or physical limitations.

What is super about my weight organizers, they are not fixed onto a wall or floor, so if you move house or want to set up a gym in another room, there is no need to drill holes to affix anything.

Take a look at this informative article:  it is mainly for bodybuilders, but I’m sure you will learn something from it.

There are many, or were many professional or passionate athletes, across all sports, testament to traditional weight training, without fancy gym equipment?


A must watch of a legend: