About us and our Products

The Story about the stands

We dedicate this to our father, who pioneered the gym industry in this country. He made most of the equipment we know today by design, attributing to human anatomy and physiology.

His first gym was called “central gym”, in the centre of town in Johannesburg. This was in the 1950s.

He achieved his 5th dan in JKA karate as we know it today. He was also a Doctor of naturopathy, karate teacher and Sensei, boxing, physiotherapist, nutritionist and personal trainer.

He had many famous people and celebrities that he treated and instructed.

Bob Zager
Dad Boxing CG

Why these stands?

Simply, because they are practical, unique, very different and pleasing to the eye, fitting in with any furniture.

Due to covid, commercial gyms have lost so many members who have built their own home gyms.

What problems will they solve?

I have been in the sports, gym and fitness industry my entire life. I have helped people build their home gyms from scratch. I too have a home gym. Space has always been a problem and the look of boring, black, heavy metal stands, does not fit into interior design. That’s why there is a need for such beautiful and practical stands.

I couldn’t move the stands as they were too heavy, and this meant I had to remove all the weights, first, to reposition the stands and then put the weights back on the stand again.

They also scratched the floors and walls. Does this sound familiar?

Also, I couldn’t reach the weights easily as the metal stands were double-sided and elevated. It’s very frustrating!

We are not the only ones with this experience. This catapulted us to create completely new customized stands as it was very clear that it was a struggle for most people.



My dumbbell stand is also double-sided, but because of the casters and lightness of the stand, you can simply turn it around to access more weights from either side. Easy!

We made them so that they are just above ground level. They are on casters’ “wheels”. They were developed to fit in any sort of area, where space is a problem. The 3 stands we have now, take up approx. 1m x 1m squared for all 3 stands. We found it much easier to take the weights off the stand at the level they are at. We could put the stands, in such a way so we could lean over and easily access the weights bench or the floor.

Because of our stands, we could have full range to exercise our arms and legs, without, constantly banging into anything.

Be on the lookout for our kettle bell stands. They are due to come out shortly.
Trash those metal stands and leave the norm behind!