4. Why are there so few women in Motorbiking

Date: 9 January 2023
Motorcycling Sports part-4

Why are there so few women in Motorbiking compared to men?

Why do women not compete in sports that men are predominant in? Well, here is why!  This Blog is a 7- to 10-minute read.


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There are no female MotoGP riders partly because there are few female riders in the lower divisions of Moto2 and Moto3, but also because the sport is simply less popular with women. About 80% of MotoGP fans are men, so it’s simply less likely that females will be interested in competing and watching.

Below, we take a closer look at the reasons MotoGP hasn’t had any female riders, even though there have been successful women in the lower categories, and whether we can look forward to more women participating in the future.


Are Females Allowed In MotoGP?

Females are allowed in MotoGP, but only if they are as skilled riders as the men that they are competing against. The racing teams are only interested in performance and don’t care if it’s a man or a woman that is riding the bike, as long as he or she is the best one for the job.

Considering the amount of effort and money that goes into the making of a racing team and the research that goes into the motorcycle’s engine and other components, it’s no surprise that rider performance is the most sought-after trait.

This means there is no official barrier to entry for females that want to race in MotoGP other than those the men face too, with the main one being talent.

However, clearly, there are other barriers that are not official and are instead more societal, and while women are allowed to race in MotoGP, we are yet to see a rider in the 1000cc series.


Why Are There No Females In MotoGP?

There are no females in MotoGP largely because there are few women in the feeder series of Moto2 and Moto3, but it’s also mostly popular with men. MotoGP races are watched by 20+ million fans all over the world, but 80% of those fans are men, with women only making up a fifth of the audience.


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When the number of female viewers is so low, it isn’t hard to understand that MotoGP just doesn’t elicit the same level of interest in women as it does among men. Many other sports share this same level of disinterest by women and therefore lack of women at the top level, and it’s for similar reasons that we don’t see in F1.

No women have ever raced in MotoGP, in terms of the top series with the now 1000cc and formerly 500cc motorcycles. However, several women have raced in Moto2 and Moto3, along with other classes of Grand Prix motorcycle racing in the past, such as the 125cc series.


There is really only a handful of women motorbike riders in competition:

  • Maria Costello
  • Ana Carrasco
  • Jenny Tinmouth
  • Laia Sanz
  • Elena Myers
  • Patsy Quick
  • Melissa Paris
  • Shelina Moreda


If I’ve left someone out, please let me know so I can update the information.


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Are There Females In Moto2 Or Moto3?

There are currently no females in Moto2, and there is 1 female Moto3 rider, Ana Carrasco. Some of the most famous female names in Moto3 and 250cc motorcycle racing include the likes of María Herrera and Katja Poensgen. Elena Rosell also briefly raced in Moto2.

As you can see, the total number of female competitors over the decades in Grand Prix motorcycle racing is very small, and work needs to be done to promote the sport among women.


Is There A Female MotoGP Equivalent?

There is not a female MotoGP equivalent. Unlike in other sports where there is a separate event for women, MotoGP does not have one. The skill of the rider is the main factor in deciding whether they get to compete or not, so there is no separate series for men and women.

It is very clear that males have dominated all three classes of MotoGP throughout the years. Of the few females who have raced in Moto2 and Moto3, none were able to make it to the top tier of MotoGP. The number of motorcycle riders that make it to MotoGP is already tiny, so female participation at all levels needs a substantial boost if we are to see a female MotoGP rider in future.

There are no female MotoGP riders because there are few female riders in the feeder series of Moto2 and Moto3. There are a few female riders who have competed and done well in the lower divisions, but the number is very small, and no woman has ever raced in the premier series of MotoGP.

The main reason why there aren’t any female drivers in F1 is money. For any young junior driver wanting to get onto the single-seater motorsport ladder, raising – and continuing to – a budget through sponsors is incredibly hard. Before a team will let you anywhere near one of its machines, it wants a budget from you.12 Mar 2022


How Many Women Riders Are There in America?

In 2003, 9.6% of bikers in America were women.

By 2015, that number was 14%.

By 2018, that number was 19%.

Among Millennials, women make up 26% of riders.

Among Gen Xers, women make up 22% of riders.

In 2017, 446 women died on a motorcycle. 59% of those—263—were passengers. That leaves just – 183 total deaths among female drivers

Compared to

4,724 total deaths among male drivers.

Though to be perfectly fair, 33% of women are riding scooters (less than 250cc), which brings the risk factor down.

Stats in the US

What Are Women Riding?

34% on cruisers

33% on scooters

10% on sports bikes


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