4. Bronc Riding Dangers

Date: 26 July 2022
Bronc Riding Dangers

Bronc Riding dangers, deaths and Injuries for the cowboys/cowgirls


In the Chute

The rider can be injured in the chute before the chute is opened. The most common injury in the chute is a broken lower leg. Tibial plateau fractures can occur from the lower leg being crushed between the horse and the bars of the chute.

The cowboy’s / cowgirl’s head can also hit the bars at the front of the chute when the horse jumps forward. In some rodeo venues, the bars are covered with padding to help prevent concussions from occurring in the chute. There are also reports of riders losing their balance in the chute and falling between the horse and wall, with the risk of being trampled.

During the Ride

A concussion is one of the more common injuries during the ride. A concussion can occur due to the whiplash effect of impact from the rider’s head hitting against the horse’s head.

Head injuries and spinal injuries are common.

Multiple upper extremity injuries can occur during the ride due to the extreme force through the riding arm. The shoulder was the most commonly injured body part; shoulder fractures and shoulder dislocations are common.

Injury to the elbow with elbow ligament injuries and elbow dislocations in the riding hand is thought to occur from the supinated fixed position of the elbow during the ride

Not surprisingly, wrist and hand injuries are common during the ride.

Groin injuries can occur during the ride and account for 6 % of all injuries in professional Bronc riding.

Knee injuries occur if the rope wraps around the ankle while the rider is dismounting, causing a whipping effect as the rider is dragged behind the bucking horse.


Areas injured during the dismount include soft tissue, chest, abdomen, and limb. The knee was the second most commonly injured body part in Bronc riders. Knee injuries usually occur when the rider hits the ground. Planting and twisting lead to injuries of the knee and ankle. Involuntary dismount from a bucking horse can result in large forces with deceleration and blunt force to the rider when they hit the ground with resultant life-threatening injuries and even death. Other upper extremity injuries can occur as well. Hyperextension of the elbow during the dismount is a common injury. Other common upper extremity injuries from a fall include clavicle fracture, shoulder dislocation, humerus fracture, acromioclavicular joint separation, or rotator cuff injury.



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If you think you have what it takes to be a Cowgirl and for the love of horses and the ride, consult with your local Rodeo body to provide all the answers you need to get started.

If you wish to learn more about this sport and its history, just pop me a mail and I will send the information to you: info@tanyasworldofsports.co.za


When you are ready to take on those mounts, Please take a moment and bow to people that are disabled, that cannot take part in such sports.

To all you avid gamers out there, here are some bucking bronco bull games for you to enjoy! I can’t seem to find horse Bronco games.

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