2. Free Running – Tough Guy Obstacles

Date: 20 November 2022
Obstacle Racing

Free Running Training


Train harder than you need to. I had no ambitions beyond completing the event without injury, but I trained hard: boxing, climbing, kayaking, running, cycling, strength training, yoga, team sports … This made the event itself pretty easy, and dramatically sped up my recovery.

Work on your balance, grip and core strength. You’ll need them all for the assault course.

Enter with a friend or a group. I was on my own, thinking that I wouldn’t want to hold someone back, or be held back myself. In actual fact, the bottlenecks mean it’s easier to stay together than to go it alone. Unless you’re ultra-competitive, it’s more of a fun challenge than a race, and most things are more fun with two.

Plan ahead. If you do want to compete with the frontrunners, pay extra for a better start position. Failing that, get fit enough to sprint the first section of the run to overtake the crowds. By the time you get to the slaloms, it’s too late.

Wear gloves. This was a piece of last-minute advice kindly emailed to me by reader Chris Pile. I opted for fingerless cycling gloves and they were invaluable. Otherwise, as Chris pointed out, “The wet ropes will rip up your bare hands.” Ouch.

Take a supporter. Supporters can get close to the action, so they can ply you with jelly babies and sports drinks when you need them, and take lots of embarrassing pictures.

Have fun! Nettle Warrior allows you to be a kid again: you get wet and muddy, feel unfathomably proud of yourself, and go to bed tired but happy. What could be better?




Tough Guy and Nettle Warrior Obstacles:


The race consists of a cross country run, followed by an obstacle course, also referred to as the “Killing Fields”.

These are some of the obstacles that are used. New ones may be introduced and others may be removed.

Country Miles

A 6-mile cross country run.

Its just that: a run across country


An up and down slalom, consisting of running up a hill and back down.



Ghurkha Grand National

A series of fences, ditches and jumps with cargo net to scramble under.



The Tiger (followed by Sting in the Tail)

A 40 ft A-frame, crossing through hanging electrified cables and another 40 ft A-frame.



Scaffold Bridge

This is traditionally the location of a water break.



Colditz Walls

Three progressively higher walls – 2, 3 & 4m high.




Four 30 ft tall platforms with ropes stretching between them.



Battle of the Somme

Fire Barbed Wire Below Water Brimstone Terror



Fiery Holes

A series of muddy water ditches, followed by burning bales of hay.



Tunnels created from tyres.




Knee deep mud crossing with a vacuum that will suck in the strongest of men.



Vietcong Torture Chambers

Tunnels created from like Vietcong Saigon Horror.



Sky walk and Paradise Climb

A 14-metre-high (46 ft) cargo net which leads out to ropes draped across a pond.



Splosh Pool

A recreation of walking the plank.



Underwater Tunnel

Three poles to duck under, leading up to the underwater tunnel



Brandenburger Gate

40 ft vertical wall climb.

Sorry, I cant find a video for this challenge, but its pretty self-explanatory

Deux Chevaux   Island

sorry, I cant find a video or explanation for this challenge.

Death Plunge

Planks of wood extending out over a lake.




Jesus Bridge

A bridge of barrels and planks of wood.



Dans Deceiver

A vertical cargo net, followed   by a declined cargo net.



Dragon Pools

Series of ropes stretched across the pool.



Gladiatough Colloseum

Lake planked 500 meters figure of 8 intertwined, interlaced Spartacus Jousting..



Stalag Escape

20 ft crawl through mud, under barbed wire.



Tyre Torture

A path of randomly laid tyres to stumble across.

I can’t locate a video for this   challenge, however, it is self-explanatory


Pedestrian Bridge

I can only find a Commando Bridge Challenge



The Anaconda

A series of large concrete pipes with hanging Electric Wires

I can’t find the pipes, but I have found the electric eels though



Niagra Falls

A steep muddy hill slides beneath hanging electric eels.



Torture Chamber

Dark tunnel, partially flooded and filled with hanging batons and electric cables.






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If you wish to learn more about this sport and its history, just pop me a mail and I will send the information to you: info@tanyasworldofsports.co.za

When you are ready to take on those mounts, Please take a moment and bow to people that are disabled, that cannot take part in such sports.

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